2 Days with Rob Bell – Nashville

When? November 13/14, 2017 Where? 3rd and Lindsley 818 3rd Ave S Nashville, TN 37210 2 Days? Yes, 9am to 4pm each day with a break for lunch What will Rob be talking about? Faith, consciousness, culture, politics-why do things seem more polarized than ever? Is all this disruption random or or there explanations for it? What happens when you’re seeing and experiencing things that the people around you aren’t? How do you stay grounded and centered when so manyRead more

The How To Be Here Experience – London

An all day event with Rob Bell further exploring the ideas in How To Be Here. August 13, 2016 10am-6pm Oasis Hub Waterloo Auditorium 1 Kennington Road, London, SE1 7QP The event will run from 10am-6pm with a break for lunch. There are several lunch options within walking distance. Refunds are available up until 1 week before the event.Read more

The How To Be Here Experience – Brooklyn

An all day event with Rob Bell further exploring the ideas in How To Be Here. June 25, 2016 10am-6pm BRIC House 647 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY The event will run from 10am-6pm with a break for lunch. There are several lunch options within walking distance. Refunds are available up until 1 week before the event.Read more

The How To Be Here Experience – Austin

An all day event with Rob Bell further exploring the ideas in How To Be Here. April 16, 2016 10am-6pm Ironwood Hall 505 E 7th St Austin, TX 78701 The event will run from 10am-6pm with a break for lunch from 1-2:30. There are several lunch options within walking distance. Street parking is available near the hall as well as a paid public lots. Refunds are available up until 1 week before the event.Read more

The How To Be Here Experience – Portland

An all day event with Rob Bell further exploring the ideas in How To Be Here. May 21, 2016 10am-6pm Village Ballroom 704 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR 97211 The event will run from 10am-6pm with a break for lunch. There are several lunch options within walking distance. Refunds are available up until 1 week before the event.Read more

The How To Be Here Experience – Chicago

An all day event with Rob Bell further exploring the ideas in How To Be Here. March 12, 2016 10am-6pm Greenhouse Loft 2545 W Diversey Ave Chicago, IL 60647 The event will run from 10am-6pm with a break for lunch. There are several lunch options within walking distance. Refunds are available up until 1 week before the event. This event is sold out. We are hoping to add another Chicago date in the fall. Sign up here to get an email when newRead more

The RobCast

The RobCast is a weekly podcast hosted by Rob Bell. Subscribe to the RobCast through iTunes. You can also listen to the RobCast at Podbean. The RobCast RSS feed: http://robbell.podbean.com/feed/ Past Episodes Episode 164 | Wisdom – As Yourself Episode 163 | Wisdom – She’s All Around You Episode 162 | Kent Dobson Was Bitten By a Camel Episode 161 | Pete Rollins – An Introduction to Love – Part 3 Episode 160 | Pete Rollins – An Introduction to LoveRead more

What Is the Bible?

New York Times Bestseller Get the Book: Amazon / B&N / BAM / Indiebound / iBooks / Google Play Digital Book Excerpt: Start Reading Now Some people see the Bible as an outdated book of primitive, barbaric fairy tales that we have moved beyond. And so they ignore it, missing all of the progressive and enlightened ideas that first entered human history through the writers of the Bible—ideas and ideals we still fall far short of, ideas and ideals that are still way ahead of our present consciousness and practice. And then thereRead more

Something to Say

What is it? Me giving you 7 hours and 45 minutes of my best teaching on how to communicate. Who’s it for? Moms who give talks and CEOs who give speeches and spiritual leaders who give sermons and teachers who prepare lessons and executives, activists and artists-it’s for anyone anywhere who stands up in front a group of people and tries to communicate clearly and compellingly. Who else is it for? Anyone who has to say something on a regularRead more

Something to Say Workshop

What is it? 2 Days with Rob Bell in a smallish group (under 50) working on whatever talk/speech/message/sermon/book/project/script/post you’re working on. Where is it? The Improv Lab 8162 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Dates and Times? October 2/3, 2017 or November 6/7, 2017 9am-5pm both days with breaks midmorning, lunch, and midafternoon. How will it work? You bring whatever you’re working on, Rob will ask you questions about it, then he’ll riff and you’ll respond and he’ll explore a bit more then you’ll go a littleRead more

Everything is Spiritual 2016 Tour Film

When I did the first Everything is Spiritual tour and film in 2006 (You can view it here) I remember thinking “I wonder if I’ll ever do a part 2…” I knew that if there was going to be follow up, the ideas would have to be really compelling and it would take a long time to put it together and of course I’d need a new white board. Ten years later here it is my friends, Everything is SpiritualRead more

Live at Largo

What can I say about Largo? This little club in West Hollywood is jammed full of magic. They don’t allow phones and cameras, which creates this sense of everybody being there in the moment and nowhere else. Which is why so many of us-from comedians to musicians to actors to yours truly-love working out new material at Largo. Come early, enjoy the DJ, and then stay afterwards so we can say hello… Next Largo Date: October 4, 2017 / get tickets DownloadRead more

Launching Rockets

Launching Rockets 17 Observations On Being A Parent Over the past few years when I was speaking to a group I began to notice how often people would have questions about being a parent. I would give my standard response– My kids are still at home so I’m the last person who should be giving parenting advice And then I’d pause and add That said, I do have some observations… and everybody would laugh and then I’d riff on aRead more

Millones Cajones Free Novel

This is my first novel. It’s about a motivational speaker who has a breakdown and grows a beard and gains weight and checks himself into a treatment center. There’s a character named Claudia who drives a Ford pickup and another one named Faruq and-yes, it’s a little bizarre. Haha. It was so much fun to write. I laughed so much while writing it and then hearing about how many people have laughed while reading it has been incredibly rewarding. YouRead more

Love Wins Enhanced Edition

This enhanced e-book includes the entire text of Rob Bell’’s Love Wins, The Love Wins Companion – A Study Guide for Those Who Want to Go Deeper, and eleven exclusive videos. Available through the iTunes Store  Read more

Love Wins: for Teens

Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes & Noble / Books-a-Million / Indiebound If God were throwing a party, would everyone be invited? Or does God invite some and not others? And if so, how does God decide? Is it what you say? Is it what you do? Is it what you’re going to do? Is it who your friends are? Or what your friends do? Or what religion you happened to be born into? Or where you live, or what you lookRead more

The Gods Aren’t Angry Tour Film

Purchase a Digital Download of this Film Where did the first caveman or cavewoman get the idea that somebody, somewhere existed who needed to be worshiped, appeased, and followed? And how did the idea evolve that if you didn’t say, do, or offer the right things, this being would be upset, agitated, or even angry with you? Where did religion come from?Read more

Poets/Prophets/Preachers Film Series

Purchase a Digital Download of this Film Series Poets, Prophets, and Preachers is a five part film series devoted to reclaiming the ancient, beautiful, provocative, healing, inspired art form known as the sermon. These five live talks explore the theological, conceptual, practical and personal dimensions involved in giving a talk, sermon, message, or teaching. Watch a clip from the series  Read more

Love Wins Companion

Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes and Noble Love Wins Companion offers support and resources for individuals, groups, and classes wishing to further explore the ideas presented in Love Wins and includes brand new material from Rob Bell. Love Wins Companion includes: Insights and commentary by theologians, scholars, scientists, and pastors An in-depth exploration of Bible passages on heaven, hell, and salvation Detailed chapter summaries, discussion questions, and study guides for individuals, groups, and classes Excerpts from several historical worksRead more

Part 1: Someone Wrote Something

I’ve had a number of conversations recently that somehow led to the Bible. I say somehow because these weren’t conversations with particularly religious friends, and yet what they talked about was their interest in the Bible.  For some, they readily acknowledge that this particular library of books (Yes, it’s a library. More on that later…) has deeply shaped western civilization in countless ways and yet they haven’t the foggiest notion what it’s actually about other than vague references to David killing GoliathRead more

How To Be Here

Get the Book: Amazon / B&N / HC.com / BAM / Indiebound / iTunes / Google Play Do you ever feel like you’re skimming the surface of your own existence? Like you have more options and technology and places to go and things to do than ever and yet it feels at some level like you’re missing out? Like you’re busy, but it’s not fulfilling? That’s why I’ve written How to Be Here, to help us live like we’re not missing a thing. Because that’s what we all want, right-to feel likeRead more

The Zimzum of Love

Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes & Noble / Books-a-Million / Indiebound My wife Kristen and I sat side by side every day for a year and half and wrote this book. It started with this word zimzum which I stumbled upon while reading something about spiritual teachers in the 1500’s and when I learned what it referred to and shared that with Kristen we both thought that sounds a lot like marriage. The more we talked about it the more ideas we had until we looked at eachRead more


TIME Rob was featured on the 2011 TIME 100 List of most influential people in the world. Read the profile at Time Magazine. Jon Meacham wrote an article on Rob and the book Love Wins which appeared in Time Magazine on Apr. 14, 2011. Read the article at Time Magazine. The New Yorker Kelefa Sanneh wrote a profile of Rob which was published in the New Yorker on November 26, 2012. Read the article at The New Yorker. O Magazine Meredith Bryan wrote a profileRead more

What We Talk About When We Talk About God

Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes & Noble / Books-a-Million / Indiebound I realize that when I use the word God in the title of this book there’s a good chance I’m stepping on all kinds of land mines. Is there a more volatile word loaded down with more history, assumptions, and expectations than that tired, old , relevant, electrically charged, provocative, fresh, antiquated yet ubiquitous as ever, familiar/unfamiliar word God? As a pastor over the past twenty years, what I’ve seen again and again is people who want toRead more

Love Wins

Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes and Noble First, I believe that Jesus’ story is first and foremost about the love of God for every single one of us. It is a stunning, beautiful, expansive love, and it is for everybody, everywhere. There are a growing number of us who have become acutely aware that Jesus’s story has been hijacked by a number of other stories, stories Jesus isn’t interested in telling, because they have nothing to do with what heRead more

Finding Joy in Everyday Life eCourse

Hi friends, I’m thrilled to let you know that you can now sign up for my eCourse on Oprah.com. It’s called a Practical Guide to Finding Joy and Meaning in Everyday Life. Here’s why this course is so important to me: We all get up in the morning and do something — work, school, laundry, raising kids, email, traffic. Whatever it is, these tasks and events take up most of our energy. And while they can be meaningful and atRead more


You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes May 17, 2013. Listen at Nerdist. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes May 11, 2015. Listen at LewisHowes.com or watch the interview on YouTube. The Nomad Podcast December, 11 2015. Listen at The Nomad Podcast. The Author Stories Podcast October 19, 2015. Listen at The Author Stories.  Read more


Newly Released Everything is Spiritual (2016 Tour Film) Short Films Evangelical Rediscovering Wonder The Cross Resurrection Tour Films Drops Like Stars The Gods Aren’t Angry Everything is Spiritual (2006) Poets/Prophets/Preachers Film Series NOOMA Film Series  Read more

Drops Like Stars

Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes and Noble When we encounter pain and suffering, our lives are disrupted. Our normal paths and expectations come to a halt. Suffering forces us to take a new path, to create new expectations. It is the difficult and the unexpected, and maybe even the tragic, that opens us up and frees us to see things in new ways. Many of the most significant moments in our lives come not because it all went right butRead more

Jesus Wants to Save Christians

Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes and Noble written with Don Golden. We want you to discover the Bible as its own best commentary.  Once justice is seen as the thread woven into the fabric of biblical history, the whole Bible becomes much clearer. Justice is the issue when God redeems Israel from Pharaoh. Justice is at the heart of the Sinai law and justice is what Israel must show the world as a kingdom of priests. Justice is theRead more

Sex God

Order: Amazon / iBooks / Barnes and Noble This is actually about That. Whether it’s what we do with our energies or how we feel about our bodies or wanting to have control in relationships or trying to recover from heartbreak or dealing with our ferocious appetites or the difficulty of communicating clearly with those we love or longing for something or someone better, much of life is in some way connected with our sexuality. And when we begin to sortRead more