Blood, Guts & Fire: The Gospel According to Leviticus

Long form audio commentary

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A commentary on the book of Leviticus? Really?

Absolutely. I’ve been fascinated with the book of the Leviticus for 20 years. It’s the third book in the Bible, and it’s often used as an example of how primitive and outdated and barbaric and strange the Bible is. Which is interesting, because it’s a book about justice and caring for the poor and living with intention and being a good steward of creation and making amends with someone that you’ve wronged-which are exactly the kinds of issues we’re still dealing with, thousands of years later.

So yes, it is ancient and weird and violent at times and hard to understand often. But it’s also brilliant and surprising and mysterious and, as you’ll see in this commentary, inspiring. In a Leviticus sort of way.

I take you through, chapter by chapter, showing you the big themes, the important words, the ideas that are just below the surface, and the story behind the story. If you’ve read my book What is the Bible? this project is in many ways a follow up to that book, like saying “Well, yes, that’s all fine, but what about a book like…Leviticus? How do you read that?”

Blood, Guts and Fire is how I read it.