HANDLING YOUR FIRE: Passion, Burnout, Routines and Resilience


Because that’s the question, right? How do you do what you do-what you love-and give yourself to it with passion and energy and integrity in a way that doesn’t leave you cooked and depleted but calm, centered and up for what’s next?

How does a person handle their fire?

I’ve noticed-over the past few years especially-how many people want to talk about these exact questions.

That’s what this audiobook is: me telling you for 6 hours what I’ve learned about these four words: Passion. Burnout. Routines. Resilience.

Which of course includes a bit about the difference between THE THREAD and THE SET UP, the subtle power of walking the dog, naming what has been set before you, lettuce, Volvo station wagons, THE WIRE, and what it was like when Kristen asked DO YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING ELSE?

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