Jesus Wants to Save Christians

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written with Don Golden.

We want you to discover the Bible as its own best commentary.  Once justice is seen as the thread woven into the fabric of biblical history, the whole Bible becomes much clearer. Justice is the issue when God redeems Israel from Pharaoh. Justice is at the heart of the Sinai law and justice is what Israel must show the world as a kingdom of priests. Justice is the measure the Jews failed to meet in their days of power and empire in Jerusalem. It was justice the prophets proclaimed as the way of return during the exile of the Jews in Babylon and it was justice that Jesus incarnated.

I hope you see in our reading and interpreting of this ancient book, the Bible, a new way of seeing our world. I hope you see that there is a common humanity we share with everybody alive today, and everybody who has come before us. I hope you see in the way the writers of the Bible critique their own use and abuse of power and blessing a way for us to think about our power and blessing.

And then, most of all, I hope you see Jesus’s invitation to be a force for good in the world, to wake up to our calling, to be save in all of the ways that matter most.