Millones Cajones (A Novel)

In the fall of 2015 I released a digital version of my first novel, Millones Cajones, for free on my site. It’s about a B-grade motivational speaker who has a full scale meltdown and ends up growing a beard and checking himself into-Wait! I shouldn’t tell you anymore, should I?

I released Millones Cajones without a cover and invited designers who read it to make the cover they thought it should have. Out of all the covers posted on Instagram, one of them immediately stood out to me. I tracked down the designer and discovered it was a friend of mine from junior high, Todd Luter. (@lutert on Instagram.) How great is that? So of course we had to do a run of hardcover versions of Millones Cajones. I’m thrilled with how it turned it. Enjoy.

Order a hardcover copy here