The Zimzum of Love

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My wife Kristen and I sat side by side every day for a year and half and wrote this book. It started with this word zimzum which I stumbled upon while reading something about spiritual teachers in the 1500’s and when I learned what it referred to and shared that with Kristen we both thought that sounds a lot like marriage. The more we talked about it the more ideas we had until we looked at each other one day and said This is a book!

There are, of course, lots of books on marriage. Practical books, inspiring books, books that can give you all sorts of advice and steps and techniques for facing and dealing with the challenges of marriage, from communicating better to handling money to sex to the division of household tasks.

This book, however, is about the deeper mysteries of marriage. How is it that the same relationship can be capable of producing so much joy and so much pain? How is it that the slightest thoughts and actions can so significantly change the space between two people? How is it that the space between two people can be so unique that it exists nowhere else in the universe? How is it that flawed, fragile, flesh- and- blood human beings can relate to each other in such a way that they show each other the divine?

Something powerful and profound happens in marriage—something involving energy, love, and the deepest forces of the universe. We believe that you can grow in your awareness of these realities, learning how to better see what’s going on in the space between you, how it works, and how the love can flow all the more freely between you.

It’s our hope that this new way helps you better understand and enjoy this mysterious, extraordinary, difficult, beautiful, frustrating, complicated gift called marriage.

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