Let’s do some 2 DAYS at a farm in Pennsylvania this summer, shall we?

You bring whatever question(s) you have about what you’re creating, making, saying, doing, working on, etc. and on the first day at 9am the first person sits across from me and tells me their question and then I ask them questions about their question and we go from there. And then the next person goes, and then the next…for 2 days.

Rodale Institute (https://rodaleinstitute.org/)
611 Siegfriedale Road
Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Is that a farm?
Yes-they’ve been doing groundbreaking research on regenerative organic agriculture there since 1947.

Wasn’t there a RobCast about the Rodale Institute?
That’s right. #259 Saving the Soil and Ourselves with Jeff Tkach.

Where will the sessions be on the farm?
Park at the Visitor’s Center and then follow the signs to the Garden Pavilion.

What times are the sessions?
9am-Noon, break for lunch, then 2-5, both days.

Can we get a tour of the farm?
Of course. The tour will be at 1pm on Saturday, right after lunch before the afternoon session begins at 2pm

Where do we eat lunch?
Lunch is provided-with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Any questions about the lunch email events@rodaleinstitute.org

Where do we stay?
There are a number of Airbnbs and hotels within 15 minutes of the farm. A few links to get you started:





Nearest airport?
Allentown is closest. Philadelphia is about an hour away.

How many spots are there?
30 for each weekend.


What if I need to cancel?
You can get a refund (minus 5% for payment processor fees) up until 10 days before the event, at which point it becomes a credit for a future event.

July 1-2, 2023 / SOLD OUT
July 8-9. 2023 / SOLD OUT