Join me in Ojai for 2 DAYS together. You bring whatever question you have about what you’re creating, making, saying, working on, etc. and on the first day at 9am the first person sits across from me and tells me their question and then I ask you questions about your question and we go from there as you begin to see your next step. And then the next person comes up, and the next…for 2 DAYS. A small group of us (25ish), from all over the globe, helping each other make a new world together.

The Ojai Art Center
113 S Montgomery St
Ojai, California 93023

Which room at The Ojai Arts Center?
The Raymund Room. Walk straight through to the courtyard, then turn right.

What times are the sessions?
9am-Noon, break for lunch, then 2-5, both days.

Where do we eat?
There are lots of restaurants within a few minutes walk of the Art Center, as well as coffee and groceries. And of course tacos.

Where do we stay?
Airbnbs, hotels, camping, an Airstream park 4 blocks away from the Art Center-Ojai has it all.

Nearest airport?
Santa Barbara, LAX, Burbank.


What if I need to cancel?
You can get a refund (minus 5% for payment processor fees) up until 10 days before the event, at which point it becomes a credit for a future event.

Register Now for Upcoming Dates:

October 2-3, 2023 / Register now

October 23-24, 2023 / Register now

December 4-5, 2023 / Register now

For more info on you and your team/partners/group/squad coming to Ojai for a half or full day session email here.