How To Create

What’s this class about?
You get this idea, this stirring, this sense that there’s more for you to
do, try, make, create. Sometimes it’s like a voice, other times it’s like an itch or a question or a pull in a certain direction. And then there are those other voices, doubts, and forces…Fear, impostor syndrome (Who am I to do this?), questions about your authority or legitimacy (Who do you think you are?), self doubt-that list is long. This class is about learning to listen to-and love-that voice that keeps guiding you into the next step, so much so that gradually you can’t even hear those other voices.

How long is the class?
About two hours.

Will this class be recorded?
Maybe at some point. For now it’s only live.


Is it the same class every time?

Upcoming Webinar Dates:
February 28th – 12pm Pacific Time / Register Now