1440 Multiversity Event

Your Atomic Self
A Weekend Event at 1440 Multiversity
August 11-13, 2017

Event Description from 1440 Multiversity:

”The modern world has equipped many people to be successful, multitask, and achieve, but millions of us never picked up how to really enjoy day-to-day living. It’s one thing to be successful, but it’s another thing to wake up in the morning with wonder and anticipation about what you might encounter.

This weekend, as you tap into new levels of enthusiasm and gratitude for your life, you will learn:

  • Creative and insightful ways to think about suffering, failure, and rejection
  • How to feel like you’re no longer skimming the surface of your own existence by becoming fully present to the miracles in your daily life
  • Practical steps to overcome fear and anxiety as you step into your true self
  • Spiritual lessons that fully equip you to handle the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

You will leave with ways to stay inspired, attend to your need for balance in a world that pushes productivity, and gracefully handle the loneliness that comes during times of transition and innovation.”

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