Finding Joy in Everyday Life eCourse

Hi friends,

I’m thrilled to let you know that you can now sign up for my eCourse on It’s called a Practical Guide to Finding Joy and Meaning in Everyday Life.

Here’s why this course is so important to me: We all get up in the morning and do something — work, school, laundry, raising kids, email, traffic. Whatever it is, these tasks and events take up most of our energy. And while they can be meaningful and at times even enjoyable, often we can easily find ourselves going through the motions, drained, feeling like things aren’t everything they could be. We even have language for this — we talk bout the grind, the treadmill. The slog-all of these words are an attempt to give language to that feeling like we’re in a rut in which tomorrow will be just like today.

Which is why I’m doing this course. I want to help you not escape or avoid the everyday routines, but find new meaning and depth and even joy right there in the middle of them. I want to help you see the spirituality of your life especially in the moments that seem the least spiritual. We’ll be covering a lot of ground in the class — growing in our understanding that life is a gift and there is joy and meaning to be found in our average, everyday, routine interactions and events.

The course includes over 25 lesson videos, practical tools, tips and exercises for everyday life, online journal assignments, and an area for you interact with other students — all devoted to helping you find joy and meaning in everyday life.

All of the coursework and lesson videos are available on-demand. You can access all six lessons at anytime and take the course at your own pace. My hope is that this course gives you a whole new way to see…everything.

Sign up for the eCourse at