The Bible Belt Tour

AlabamaGeorgiaNorthCarolinaVirginiaTennessee Friends!

I’m coming your way this summer because how could I put out a book called What is the Bible? and not go to the Bible Belt?

On this club/theater tour I’ll be doing a new talk on Empire and Exile and Absence and Doubt and Violence and Resurrection and Anger and Tradition and Imagination and a number of other themes we find in the Bible.

Whether you’ve never read the Bible, or you’re heard it your whole life, I want you to see how the questions we’re wrestling with right now in this polarized, disrupted world we’re living in are the same questions people have been struggling with for literally thousands of years.

And when you go all the way into the heart of that truth, you often unexpectedly find something called hope. More on that when we’re together in July…

July 13th – Norfolk, VA
The NorVa / get tickets 

July 14th – Richmond, VA
The National / get tickets

July 15th – Charlotte, NC
The Neighborhood Theatre / get tickets

July 16th – Atlanta, GA
Variety Playhouse / get tickets

July 18th – Knoxville, TN
Bijou Theatre / get tickets

July 19th – Birmingham, AL
Iron City / get tickets 

July 20th – Memphis, TN
Minglewood Hall / get tickets