What’s a Knucka?

I’ve written a play called What’s a Knucka?.

Kristin Hanggi is directing and developing the play, and the next step in the process of bringing the play to the stage is called a workshop read. And why wouldn’t we invite you to come to our first workshop reads for What’s a Knucka? We’re doing 3 nights in September at the Greenway Theatre here in Los Angeles. We’ll start with Kristin and I giving you a bit about the world of the play, then the actors will come out and do a reading of the script, and then Kristin and I will come back out and tell you a bit more about what we’re up to with this play.

And who knows? You might even find out what a Knucka is…

Saturday, September 15th
8pm / get tickets

Sunday, September 16th
7pm / get tickets

Monday, September 17th
8pm / get tickets

Greenway Court Theatre
544 North Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Free parking in the lot adjacent to the theatre