Writing Class

There are the words and sentences and paragraphs.
There is the craft of it-
the tools, the techniques, tips-
all those subtleties and nuances that you pick up on
the more and more you write.
And then there’s that whole world in your head-
desire, self doubt, frustration, this feeling like you have something
you have to say and if you don’t get it out you’ll spontaneously combust, wondering why you sit there hour after hour with this overwhelming sense that WHATEVER IT IS seems to want to be written by you.

This class is about all of it.
I’m going to take you through the books I’ve written,
telling you stories about the challenges I experienced
and what I learned in the process, giving you practical exercises
that have helped me find the words time and time again over the years.

How long is the class?
About two hours.

Is this for first time writers or long time writers?

Will we learn the real life event that inspired Millones Cajones?
Of course.

Will this class be recorded?
Maybe at some point. For now it’s only live.


Is it the same class every time?


Upcoming Zoom Webinar Dates:

November 15th – 1pm Pacific Time / Register Here

November 17th – 9am Pacific Time / Register Here

November 19th – 5pm Pacific Time / Register Here

November 29th – 5pm Pacific Time / Register Here


Please send any questions about registration to info@robbell.com